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About Us

  • Our website is dedicated to bringing you the best memes, videos, vines, and also provide a means for anyone to post any content they want to share with the world, without the fear of being censored. We strongly believe in the First Amendment and the right for everyone to be able to express themselves without fear of being flagged or having their voice silent.

    With this being said, feel free to surf our website and read up on all the user supplied real life-stories, and enjoy the humor provided with the numerous memes, videos, etc, that we will be publishing for everyone's enjoyment.

    If you have anything whether it be some funny memes, videos, or just something you want to get off your chest, please contact us and share what you have with us. Rest assured that your submission will be completely confidential.

    Welcome to our website and we hope you come back!




    PS. For those wondering what "Que Cojone" means. "Que Cojone" in the Hispanic culture, especially in Puerto Rico, stands for "What the heck". It's a very common expression one makes when they see, hear or find out about something that really boggles their mind. That is the most common translation but it can also refer literally to "What balls!".

    You get the point. LOL

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